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How Does Kindle Stack Up Against Traditional Publishing?

FACT: Amazon Sells More Kindle Books Than Traditional Books. Join the Revolution!

Amazon is the largest BUYER search engine in the world, and with a reported 200 MILLION credit cards on file it's safe to say they sell A LOT of books. And now, thanks to Amazon's Kindle Direct Publisher program, they are opening up this enormous buyer list to YOU. Imagine what it would be like to put your book on the shelves of of the largest bookstores in the world...well now you don't have to! You can become a published author, and we can show you how...

You Have The Story, Now Bring It To Life

The Core 6 Modules Will Show You Step-By-Step How To Write And Publish A Book

  • Module 1: Planning and Setup

    Before you can even begin to think about publishing a Kindle ebook, you need to first be clear on WHY you’re doing it. In this module, we’ll cover the different purposes for writing a book, walk you through a process of selecting your book’s topic and get your Amazon KDP account setup.

  • Module 2: Creating Your Book

    Now that you know what to write about, it’s time to actually create your book. IMPORTANT: Don’t skip this section just because your book is already written. As you’ll see, there are a number of important “pages” you need to include in the front of your book when publishing to Kindle.

  • Module 3: Formatting and Listing

    At this point you should have a finished book, but more than likely it’s in a format that can’t be viewed on a Kindle device or reader. In this module, we’ll cover how to convert your book into a “Kindle-friendly” format so it can be published through KDP.

  • Module 4: Kindle Launch Formula

    Now that your book is published, it’s time to roll it out to the masses. The best way to do this is through a launch, but it’s not the traditional book launch that you’re used to because we’re going to leverage a number of Amazon’s own, internal promotional tools to spread the word.

  • Module 5: Maintaining Your Sales

    Achieving a high sales and category rankings is only half the battle. Once you have those rankings, you need to maintain them or you’ll be just another “one hit wonder”. In this module, we’ll explore the steps you need to take to maintain (and even grow) your sales over time.

  • Module 6: Beyond Kindle

    Congratulations! You have achieved “Kindle Domination,” so the final step is to expand your reach beyond the Kindle universe and dominate other publishing platforms such as iBooks, Nook and even audio and print books.


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Finally...Finish Your Book!

Interactive exercises give you the time, attention and FOCUS you need to brainstorm, outline and actually write your book. That's why we say: "Come with an idea. Leave with a book."

Technical Support 

Need help designing a cover or formatting your book for Kindle? No problem! Our team is here to remove any roadblocks that may have stood in your way in the past. This time it will be different...

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